भजन - पशूपती शंकर उमावरा ...

भजन - A bhajan or kirtan is a Hindu devotional song, often of ancient origin. Great importance is attributed to the singing of bhajans with Bhakti, i.e. loving devotion. "Rasanam Lakshanam Bhajanam" means the act by which we feel more closer to our inner self or God, is a bhajan. Acts which are done for the God is called bhajan.


पशूपती शंकर उमावरा । भोलानाथ दिगंबरा । भोलानाथा दिगंबरा शिव हररे शिव हररे ।

सांब सदशिव हररे । शिवहर शंकर गौरिशं । वंदे गंगाधर ईशं शिवहरा शंकर गौरिशं । वंदे गंगाधर ईश ॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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