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आश्विन  mfn. 1.mf()n. like riders or horsemen, [RV. ix, 86, 4]
आश्विन  n. n. a day's journey for a horseman, [AV. vi, 131, 3.]
आश्विन  mfn. 2.mfn. (fr.अश्विन्), belonging or devoted to the अश्विन्s, [VS.]; [TS.]; [ŚBr.]; KātyŚr.; [ĀśvŚr.]
आश्विन  m. m.N. of a month in the rainy season (during which the moon is near to the constellation अश्विनी)
आश्विन  n. n. the नक्षत्रअश्विनी, [VarBṛS.]
आश्विन  n. n. (also) a cup of सोम consecrated to the अश्विन्s, [Lāṭy.]

आश्विन [āśvina] a.  a. (-नी f.)
Belonging or sacred to the Aśvins (अश्विनौ देवते अस्य).
नः N. of a month (in which the moon is near the constellation Aśvini).
A sacrifice or a weapon presided over by the Aśvins.
(du.) The Aśvins.
नी N. of certain bricks.
A pile, stack (चितिभेदः).
-नम्   A day's journey for a horse or rider (Ved.).
-चिह्नितम्   The autumnal equinox.

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आश्विन  m.  (-नः) The month Aswin, (September-October.)
E. अश्विनी the constellation, अण् deriv. affix: when the moon is in Aswini.

 पु. चैत्रादि बारा महिन्यांतील सातवा महिना . [ सं . अश्व - अश्विन - आश्विन ]

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