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i   I agree   I agree with A above   I am directed to state that   I am directed to...   i am to add   I am to add that   I am to state   i am to state that   I am to submit that   I am unaware   i appears from the papers that   I armature   I authorise you   I beam   I beg to be excused   i beg to submit that   i do not see any reason to   i do not see any reason to i.e (that is)   i fully agree with the office note   I fully agree with the office note, orders may be issued   I have been directed to inform you/ request you/ask you   I have no further comments   i have no instructions   I have no remarks to offer   i have not the least hesitation in holding that   i have satisfied myself   I have the honour to inform   i have the honour to inform you   I have the honour to say   I have the honour to state that   I have the least hesittion   I hereby acknowledge that   i highly pertinent   i referres to   i regret to state that   i reiterate my former comments   I section   I shall be grateful   i shall be highly obliged   i shall be indebted   I shall be obliged   I shall be thankful   I shall feel obliged   I size card   i solicit your orders   i suggest   i suppose   i think our view should be pressed with   i think there is a case for extending the orders   I trust   I U D   i would like to have the report of   I.B.M. Machine Operator   i.c.t. machine operator   i.e.   I.Q.   I/E ratio   I/E scale   I2R loss (copper loss)   IAA   iambic   IASLIC   iateral relations   iatrogenic   iatrogenic disease   iatrogenic illness   iatrogenic neurosis   IBA   ibex   ibid   ibidem   ibidem adv. (abbr. ibid, ib)   ibis   IBM   ibrd   ic   icacolumite   ice   ice apron   ice bag   ice box   ice calorimeter   ice cap   ice colurs   ice cream   ice crystal effect   ice fall   ice floe   ice flowage   ice front   ice gorge   ice island   ice layer   ice pack   ice plant   ice point   ice reefing   ice sheet   ice shelf   
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