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सुन्द  m. m.N. of विष्णु, [MBh.]
of a दैत्य (son of नि-सुन्द and brother of उप-सुन्द; the two brothers killed each other while quarrelling for a beautiful अप्सरस् named तिलोत्तमा), [MBh.]; [R.] &c.
N. of a monkey, [R.]

सुन्दः [sundḥ]  N. N. of a demon and brother of Upasunda, who were sons of Nikumbha. [They got a boon from the Creator that they would not die until they should kill themselves. On the strength of this boon, they grew very oppressive and Indra had at last to send down a lovely nymph named Tilottamā, and while quarrelling for her, they killed each other.]

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SUNDA   An asura. He had a brother named Upasunda, and their father was Niśumbha alias Jharjha. Sunda and Upasunda were very cruel asuras. The two brothers performed tapas on the Vindhya mountain with the object of conquering the three worlds. All attempts made by Devas to break up their penance failed and ultimately Brahmā appeared before them. They secured from Brahmā a boon to the effect that they would not be killed by anyone else but only mutually by them. Swollen-headed by the boon the brothers conquered the three worlds and none could kill them. Ultimately the Devas sent Tilottamā, the celestial damsel to them and she made them quarrel with each other. Both of them who fell in love with Tilottamā and wanted her as wife fought with each other and got killed. [Ādi Parva, Chapter 221, Verse 19]. For details see under Upasunda and Tāṭakā).

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