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  • Scanned Books
    Scanned Books added to library with use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AI, ML, and similar software techniques
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  • Dictionary Project
    Dictionary Project is one of our newest project. As an experiment, we put word content from several dictionaries in single assembled repository. This experiment created unique relationship between words by combining .. Words/phrases and their meaningsDictionary Languages and their citationsMost importantly you (our user) and your annonymous usage/reading patterns, we call it The Human Element These three things together provided insights that shows unseen linkage between words and what they mean to people. The "Human Element" shows relationship between words that are beyond their documented meanings and digital bytes that represent them at a total new level. Why we have dictionary on this site?Understand the dictionary citations of Ancient texts and link them directly for benefit of researchersRelate words using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we use your anonymous view patterns to understand relation between works and ancient texts.Single way/place to look up all words, which provides usage of words between different languages Good example is word Process, it has appeared in over 24 different dictionaries with over 182 unique meaning contexts. Some important information about dictionaries can be found here : Dictionary Project
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Last Updated : August 14, 2014

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