UDDAṆḌAŚĀSTRĪ - उद्दण्डशास्त्री

One of the eighteen and a half famous poets of Kerala. He was a Sanskrit poet. His native place was Lāṭapura on the bank of river Pālār in Toṇḍamaṇḍala in the Tamilnad. The name of his father was Śrī Kṛṣṇa and that of his mothter was Raṅgādevī. Poet Ulloor says that Śāstrī had another name Irugupanātha. He had a very good education. After having completed his education, he travelled through Āndhra, Karṇāṭaka, Kaliṅga, Cola, Kerala and many other countries and finally came to Kozhikode and visited the King Mānavikramamahārāja. At the instance of the king he composed the drama called Mallikāmārutam. Besides this we have obtained only the ‘Kokilasandeśa’ and some other single poems of Śāstrī. It is said that there is a thesis on dramas also. Śāstrī was not in the habit of respecting those who did not pay respect to him, however superior they might be. So some say that he was arrogant. A Malayāla Brahmin called Bhaṭṭatiri of Kākkaśśeri, rose against Śāstrī in Kerala.

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